Tea House Collection

Three Classic teas with a Freya's Garden twist. 

Green Tea blend, Black Assam tea, and a Chai tea blend. 
The tea staples, with flavors everyone will enjoy. 

The Green Tea Blend is a fragrant and citrusy blend of Gunpowder Green tea, ethically sourced from China with organic, sustainably sourced Lemongrass and Lemon verbena. This blend is uplifting, energizing, and sure to pair with just about anything!

Black Assam Tea blend is a warm and rich blend of Assam leaves from India, fair trade sourcd and 100% organic, and paired marvelously with orange peel and honeysuckle flowers. This versatile blend is amazing both hot or iced! 

Turmeric Chai Tea blend is a warm embrace in a mug. Our twist on chai is fragrant and potent. 100% organic, sustainably sourced Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cardamom, ginger, and anise paired lovingly with Indian Assam tea. And while the taste is calming and nurturing, the herbs paired in chai keep you and your immune system healthy during the cold months.