Apollo Oil
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Apollo Oil

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Apollo is a Greek god, twin brother to Artemis- son of Zeus.
Much like Hecate, Apollo has many epithets, and stories to his functions and history.

A god of the sun, healing, prophecy, the arts, medicine, plague, life, death, war, religious law. He is known to speak thru mortals thru divination and oracle practice, sharing divine communications with humans. he was the god of divine distance, who sent or threatened from afar; the god who made men aware of their own guilt and purified them of it.

Sacred animals to him are the dolphin and swan.
And the laurel tree is a sacred tree to him.

Connect with Apollo to be open to receive divine truth, self actualization, higher knowledge, the gift of prophecies or healing wisdoms. Allow your inner truth and inner powers to be illuminated by the Light he brings.