Circe oil
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Circe oil

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(Argued as either daughter of the titan sun god Helios or daughter of goddess Hecate, that answer is complicated)


The Enchantress. The Sorceress Supreme!

Poisoner. Healer. Goddess of magic, transmutation, illusion, necromancy, plant medicines. Her name, Circe, or Kirke, loosely translates “to secure with rings” or “loop around” which calls to reference her powers in binding magic. The first witch in Greek mythology.  She is commonly slandered in historical texts as a predator and dangerous woman- a violent beast. But, as we all know- history fails iconic women. In traditional history, it is told that one night, Circe made a potion that turned Odysseus’ men into pigs and animals. What was not mentioned is that she cared for these long haul sailors for over a year and tolerated their swine-like behavior. Endured abuse and being taken average of by ungrateful men. She used botanical potions to bring out their true nature- which was pigs.

Circe is a loud, free woman who urges her enemies to fuck around and find out. She does not tolerate mistreatment and was a pioneer (in the Greek mythos) in utilizing botanicals around her to create magic, medicines, and safety.


Circe oil features a bright & fiery essential oil blend fragrance with yarrow and wormwood.

Medea oil features a sultry and sweet essential oil blend fragrance with blue lotus flowers and mugwort.

Hecate oil is an elegant and mysterious essential oil fragrance and infused with Black Storax resin.

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