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Flying ointment
Freya’s Garden

Flying ointment

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The myth and medicine of Flying Ointment.

Flying ointment is a salve of magical herbs, traditionally or entheogenic herbs infused into oil.

Balm is applied to the skin to anoint yourself. It gives a euphoric feeling.
Your heart will feel full and your mind will fly

This blend was carefully crafted to support your divination and meditative practice to allow you to release and connect with the sacred cosmic energy, without being too overwhelming or causing intense hallucinations.


It delivers a feeling of wholeness and divinity.

Botanicals featured in this balm

  • Our witches brew herbal blend   
  • mugwort
  • Ashwagandha root
  • Blue lotus flowers
  • Datura flowers.

Infused in grapeseed oil with fresh beeswax from my beehive and raw cacao butter.


Limited availability batch.

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