Freyja Oil
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Freyja Oil

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Freyja. The Lady. 
The Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility, gold, war, magic & witchcraft,  and sex. 

Freyja rules over her heavenly field- folkvangr, where she receives half of those who die in battle. 
Freyja, while being a goddess of fertility and sex, she is all about empowerment, and encourages all to know and assert their worth. To embrace life’s beauty and abundance is to honor Freyja. 
Freyja is the goddess of the Seidr- witchcraft and folk magic. She holds the wisdom and gives it freely to those who are worthy and honor her. 
Freyja is a warrior. A fighter. And will grant support assistance for fighting a just cause. She is particularly fond of causes regarding bodily autonomy, injustice, equity, and fighting for personal freedoms. 

this oil was crafted with an organic grapeseed carrier oil, sacred plants and essential oils to Freyja. Use this oil to anoint altar candles, or wear on your body when invoking and honoring her. Rub on your hands and forehead before rune divination.