Hawthorn Tincture
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Hawthorn Tincture

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Hawthorn is an undervalued medicinal. 
A delightful, gentle, yet powerful botanical supporting all things HEART centered. 

Hawthorn supports a healthy heart and circulatory system, helping support a healthy blood pressure, and improves the utilization of oxygen. 
Hawthorn is the best spiritual companion for all matters of the heart. Whether you are experiencing the heavy grief, heart break, heart chakra blockages, or experiencing some blocks in self love, hawthorn opens you up to experience love and joy again. 

This is a grain alcohol tincture infusion with 100% organic hawthorn leaf and flower. Comes in a 2oz dropper bottle. 

While Hawthorn is a gentle companion, we do not aim to treat cure or diagnose any illness or ailment. Please consult your healthcare provider for more support in utilizing hawthorn.