Hecate incense powders
Hecate incense powders
Hecate incense powders
Freya’s Garden

Hecate incense powders

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The Anima Mundi

Goddess of magic and witchcraft, the three realms, the moon, crossroads, herbal magic and medicine. 

This blend was crafted to honor the witch mother and all she does. The scent is sweet, earthy, and cosmic. With lavender, mint, mugwort, black storax, and benzoin- a delicious and potent blend of plant spirits. 

Use these cones as a smoke offering to Hekate, during rituals, for divination, protection, astral magic, home and property warding, road opener rituals, and spiritual healing. 

made with 100% organic botanicals. NO additives, artificial/added fragrances, or charcoal. 

pack of 13. 

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