Medea oil
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Medea oil

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Daughter of Aeetes- granddaughter of Helios, niece to Circe. Sorceress and priestess of Hecate.

The ultimate story of defiance and sacrifice. Her radical devotion to liberation and equity. She endured and persisted and sacrificed much for the interest and love of a man- until she didn’t. She commanded respect and recognition- when it isn’t expressed- what she has given, she will take it away. Medea reminds us our grief and our anger are sacred primordial energies.

She was a devoted spiritual daughter to the goddess Hecate, and she was very much protected and heavily guardian by Her. Hecate is a fierce mother to those who are devoted to her and the Great Work.

Medea oil features a sultry and sweet essential oil blend fragrance with blue lotus flowers and mugwort.