Oxymel- Yarrow & Motherwort
Oxymel- Yarrow & Motherwort
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Oxymel- Yarrow & Motherwort

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Have you been feeling overwhelmed, blocked, anxious, stressed, or otherwise energetically tangled up?
Are you looking for a refreshing tonic that supports the digestive and immune system, fights tummy aches in minutes, and provides significant probiotics?
If so… I’d like you meet the Yarrow and Motherwort oxymel!
Yarrow and Motherwort are potent Venusian nervines.
Motherwort’s energetics are nicknamed “the Lion Heart” as she gracefully tends to the heart wounds and soothes our emotional stressors. She guides grief away from the heart and relieves the tangles it leaves us in.
Yarrow’s energetics are closely aligned by a Venus-Chiron connection- which allows for us to transmute grief & stress into healing and a recovery. Yarrows medicine enlivens the brain-gut connection.

oxymels are an infusion of herbs in apple cider vinegar and honey. 
serving dose- 1-2tbsp per day, twice per day when sick.