Rose water spray
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Rose water spray

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Rose water is a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal.

It’s therapeutic benefits are quite expansive.

Rose water, used topically, balances the skins pH and controls and balances sebum (oil) excretion. It is a gentle astringent that removes dirt, reduces inflammation, and boosts healing time for cuts and scrapes.

Rose water is loaded with antioxidants, and has anti inflammatory properties. Did you know rose water spray can help the symptoms of a sore throat?

Roses and rosehips are packed with vitamin C as well, which makes a great and flavorful supplement in your diet to keep you healthy. Rose water has a mild diuretic affect which makes it a gentle laxative option as well.


Recent research has shown that rose can also calm the central nervous system, and current research is showing it may help fight dementia and Alzheimer’s - - A specific protein fragment called an amyloid, which is created by the body, has been shown to be present in these conditions and to affect the brain function, kill cells, and hinder memory. Encouragingly, properties found in rose water are an inhibitor of this amyloid.


Rosewater in ritual❤️

Roses, rosehips and rose water are used in rituals associated with: Attraction; beginnings; compassion; courage; family magick; fertility; new beginnings; romantic healing; romantic love; self-confidence; sensuality; true love attraction; wisdom.

Roses are associated with fertility and beauty goddesses, and many highly revered saints.

Add rose water to a new moon ritual bath to promote inner healing and new beginnings.

Spray rose water in your home to bless your family and invoke prosperity. Rose water can also replace regular water in spell work. Rose petals can also be added to smoke cleansing bundles for use in meditative practices as well as ancestral veneration.

Ingredients: 100% organic and pesticide-free rose hydrosol.  (Distilled water + rose)