Samhain Herbal Blend
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Samhain Herbal Blend

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Samhain marks the end of the harvest season, and the beginning of winter in the Wheel of the Year. Halfway between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. Celebrations of Samhain often include communing with spirits, leaving offerings of food and drink, giving thanks to the spirits and the Gods for all they have provided during the growing and harvest season. 

Samhain encourages one to go inward and reflect, resting the body and the mind after a productive summer- and focusing our growth inward  

This herbal blend was made to care for the mind and body- putting stress at ease and relaxes the body. This blend is also encouraged to use in Samhain rituals in venerating and communicating with the spirits who visit on Samhain, and celebrating you and your body  

Anoint your candles with this herbal blend, enjoy as a tea before divination or meditation practices, leaving tea as an offering, and use to smoke cleanse your home of lingering negative energy from the months 

ingredients: dandelion leaf, hawthorn leaf & flower, chamomile, mugwort, and scarlet bee balm (wild bergamot) 

Directions for use: steep 1-2tbsp per 8oz of water steeped 5-7 mins. 
Enjoy as a tea, anoint ritual candles in oil and herbal blend on altar spaces, smoke cleanse your home in a fire safe bowl or plate.