Seven Chakra Herbal Blend Set
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Seven Chakra Herbal Blend Set

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Plants are the most ancient form of medicine, it is believed by many cultures around the world that there is a plant to cure or treat any ailment or disease. 

Plants have a special vibrational frequency that is attuned to our body and psyche. These frequencies can help stimulate energy to heal, release, energize, and balance our seven chakras. 

Chakras are spiritual energy centers within the human body. We have seven:
1. Root (Muladhara) Connects the mind, body, and soul to the Earth. This chakra focuses on grounding, survival, and inner stability. Elemental connection: Earth. 

2. Sacral (Swadisthana) Connects our creativity, sexuality, emotions. This chakra focuses on regulating our emotions and desires. Elemental connection: Water. 

3. Solar Plexus (Manipura) Connects us to our inner power and sense of determination. This chakra focuses on confidence, passion, and inner strength. Elemental connection: Fire. 

4. Heart (Anahata) Connects us to love. Both in giving and receiving love unconditionally. This chakra encourages you to be love, speak love, and give it to yourself and others. Elemental connection: Air. 

5. Throat (Vishuddha) Connects us to our inner voices. To live and speak our truth authentically. It encourages authentic self-expression. Elemental connection: Ether (Akasha) 

6. Third Eye (Ajna) Connects us to our intuition, vision, imagination, and inner-knowing. This chakra has no elemental connection, because it is known to be "beyond" the  physical elements- connecting us to our spirit.   It encourages us to know ourselves emotionally. physically, and spiritually. 

7. Crown. (Sahasrara) Connects us to divine energy, and the higher self. This chakra promotes connection, with our spirit, others, and divine energy. It invokes a sense of self-mastery and the ability to function in a more enlightened and empathetic way. 

The Chakra series is seven herbal blends, each blend contains herbs that focus on stimulating blood flow, removing toxins, regulating oxygen and interact with each energy center- As well as promoting overall wellness to connect them together. These herbal blends are best used as tea before or after meditation and yoga, and can also be used to anoint candles when doing energy work. 


1. Root Chakra blend: Dandelion leaf and Raspberry leaf base, with clove (or cinnamon if not seasonally available), turmeric, damiana, and dong quai. 
2. Sacral Chakra blend: raspberry leaf base, with ginger, orange peel, damiana, and shatavari root (or hyssop if not seasonally available) 
3. Solar Plexus blend: Dandelion base with lemon balm, chamomile, ginger,  lemon peel, and nettle. 
4. Heart Chakra Blend: Tulsi Basil and dandelion root base, with hibiscus, ginger, and nettle
5. Throat Chakra blend: Tulsi Basil and Mint base with chamomile and marshmallow leaf. 
6.  Third Eye Chakra blend: Raspberry leaf base, with mint, gotu kola, lavender, reishi mushrooms,(or ginseng of not seasonally available) and mugwort.
7. Crown Chakra blend:  Tulsi basil and Gingko leaf base with lavender, chamomile and mugwort.