Throat Chakra Herbal Blend
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Throat Chakra Herbal Blend

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Plants are the most ancient form of medicine, it is believed by many cultures around the world that there is a plant to cure or treat any ailment or disease. 

Plants have a special vibrational frequency that is attuned to our body and psyche. These frequencies can help stimulate energy to heal, release, energize, and balance our seven chakras. 


5. Throat (Vishuddha)
Connects us to our inner voices. To live and speak our truth authentically. It encourages authentic self-expression.
Elemental connection: Ether (Akasha) 


The Chakra series is seven herbal blends, each blend contains herbs that focus on stimulating blood flow, removing toxins, regulating oxygen and interact with each energy center- As well as promoting overall wellness to connect them together. These herbal blends are best used as tea before or after meditation and yoga, and can also be used to anoint candles when doing energy work. 


Product description:
5. Throat Chakra blend: Tulsi Basil and Mint base with chamomile and marshmallow leaf.